Friday, April 24, 2009

Possessed - Discography

Possessed is an influential American death metal band, formed in 1983 in San Francisco, California. Noted for their fast style of play style and Becerra's guttural vocals, they have been cited as a great influence on the death metal genre. In fact, the band's influence on the genre is so great that they are sometimes called the "godfathers" of the death metal genre and are often considered the first death metal group, with the name of the genre possibly coming from their first demo entitled Death Metal.

Death Metal Demo (1984)

Live In San Francisco (1984)

Fallen Angels Rehearsal (1984)

Seven Churches Demo (1985)

Seven Churches (1985)

Beyond the Gates (1986)

The Eyes of Horror (1987)

Victims of Death (1992)

1991 Demo (1991)

1993 Demo (1993)

Agony In Paradise (2004)

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